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Ok guys, do you really not get this

So this is now bothering me.

At the conclusion of an episode of a show I was just watching a female character finds out she’s pregnant. Now, I fail to understand how this is surprising.

She had sex, no where does it say that they used protection.And yet she sat there weeping, and unsure of what to do.

Are people honestly this stupid? I can understand not using a condom if birth control is involved. I can understand if there are mitigating circumstances (really drunk, not being educated about sex, buying into some of the more ridiculous myths surrounding it, the entire plot of Knocked Up). But when they have unprotected sex without these circumstances, the characters are still surprised. It’s a natural reaction, but where is the fear and worry after the actual act. People just turn the other way and assume, “oh well, probably won’t happen to me.”?

Now this seems to happen to tons of young people on TV and in movies (Juno for one). I’m pondering, is this common in the real world? Is art imitating life? Or am I just thinking to hard about it.

I’ve heard advertisers in the early 20th century started believing people were tremendously stupid after seeing how long words were up in silent movies (the logic being, “if it takes them this long to read those few words, I must be much smarter than them”). I read that during Viet Nam, the White House though the world really reflected what they saw on TV (a problematic fact that led to Johnson freaking out during the Tet offensive).

Note: Thank you history of Mass Communication

Is my perception similar to those two examples? Is this simply an easy plot device for various TV shows? Or do people really understand that little about the basic mechanisms of sex?

I’m just going to hope that media and anecdotes have warped my perception, because otherwise it really doesn’t say much for people as a whole.


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