I don’t want to become one of those leftist bloggers, but…

When I began blogging, I didn’t really know what the hell I wanted to write about.  So much so that I gave it all up. My friend is a sports writer, through and through, so I figured dabbling in sports writing could be fun.  In the end that isn’t for me.  I realized that the Brein excels in sports writing because it is where his passion lies.  I quickly noticed myself not being as passionate as he with regards to the excruciating minutiae of the sporting world.

So here it goes: the search for topics to write on.

I know I’m interested in politics.  I’m fascinated by how the deals get done and how elections are won. It is clear to me that our political system has become nothing other than a series of competing PR machines, with actual substance in terms of policy cast aside for the oh-so-important public perception.  Americans are no longer competent or interested enough to understand policy and the consequences of their opinions.

In restarting this blog, I won’t be looking to convert readers to the liberal cause, or to get you not to vote Republican or reject your God. I don’t want to convince you of everything.  All I hope is that my opinions pique your interest enough to keep reading.

I plan to post something almost everyday, looking to hone my writing skills and entertain myself (and you as well!).  Help me out by commenting on the posts with your extended thoughts!


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