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I have no thoughts

I sit down to try and think what the hell to write on this forsaken blog…nothing.  Just nothing.  The writer’s mind draws a complete blank.  I suppose that’s appropriate, since it took me until I was 21 to be able to even draw a straight line, which in turn is something I only accomplish 47% of the time with the odds doubling on the second and third attempts respectively.

I attended college for four years, which felt like three years rolled into two of which I remember maybe 6 days worth of events.  I paid the money it took to get a piece of construction paper mailed to me months after graduating.  I shook the hand of the dean who really had no previous knowledge of my existence…and still doesn’t.

Bottom line is I know I’m talented, sort of, and I know I’m interested, kind of.  I have some strengths with writing and MANY weaknesses (comma use, parenthesis, elipses…and a lack of ideas).  I’ve been known to make people laugh and to bore people to death, all within a 140 character tweet!

Supposedly this blog is supposed to hone my writing skills, express opinions I’ve been told are “fresh” or “interesting” or “funny” or “odd” and possibly to create something to show employers.  Clearly that isn’t going to happen without any motivation.

So fuck it, I’ll just write when I feel like it about whatever the hell I feel like.  I’ll make this a very public, yet rarely frequented place for me to bitch to nobody but myself about whatever is annoying me.


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